Radiation Shielding Glass - Lead Lined Glass

  • Radiation Shielding Glass (Lead Glass)
    The radiation shielding glass is used in X-Ray rooms and Iodine Therapy rooms.

    In the X-Ray rooms by regulation it is mandatory to use a minimum 2.2mm Pb with a lead equivalence at ~ 140kVp.This glass is available with us and has been tested to the relevant standards. (AS/NZ 4543.2:1999 Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-Radiation Part 2 : Protective Glass Plates.)
    In the Iodine Therapy rooms , it is mandatory to have 10.5mm Pb achieved in a glass thickness of 37mm.The shielding assesment was performed by measuring the transmission of the 364keV gamma rays emitted from a collimated source of 131 I calibrated as 250MBq.

    Measurements were made with a calibrated Victoreen 450B-DE-SI Ionisation Chamber S/N 104.
    The glass is in accordance with the schedule A1 of ARPANSA Code of Practice RPS 14 Radiation Protection in the Medical Application of Ionising Radiation 2008.

    X- Ray Radiation Shielding Glass ( Lead glass) Features :

    • The Lead Glass for the X-Ray rooms comes in 12mm thickness with 2.2mm Pb lead content.
    • The edges can be flat polished.
    • Radiation Protective Glass 12mm thickness has a lead content of 56%.
    • The Radiation Shielding Glass with 2.2mm Pb with a lead equivalence at ~ 140 kVp has a density of 4.09 g/cm3.
    • The Lead Glass for Iodine Therapy rooms comes in 37mm thickness with 10.5mm Pb lead content.
    • The lead glass can be made available in higher lead content and greater thickness as required.

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