Equilibrium 105

  • A front glazed partitioning suite, which has similar features to the " Equilibrium 122"

    Equilibrium 105 Features:
    • Suits a multiple of plaster wall thicknesses.
    • Glazing pocket allows for 6.38mm, 10.38mm & 12.38mm glass.
    • Glazed panels are set in 3mm from the  front edge of the aluminium section.
    • Can accept a door thickness of up to 44mm.
    • Facilitates sanitization.

    Acoustic Performance of Glass:
    • 6.38mm laminated glass RW rating 33
    • 10.38mm laminated glass RW rating 36
    • 12.38mm laminated glass RW rating 37
    • 10.50mm "V Hush" laminated glass RW rating 39
    • 12.50mm "V Hush" laminated glass RW rating 40
    (The above acoustic ratings may vary depending on your working environment)

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