Mirco 44

  • The Mirco 44  is a Semi Demountable partitioning suite that combines demountable modules with silicon butt jointed glass.

    Mirco 44  Features:

    • Modular prefabricated system that is quick and easy to install.
    • Being a modular partitioning system, a tax depreciation will apply.
    • The panels can be full solid, full glazed or part solid part glazed.
    • Can accept a door thickness of up 44mm - glazed or solid.
    • Can accept up to 12.38mm in glass thickness.
    • Can accept a insulation up to 20mm with the desired density.
    • All modules can be reused.
    • Each module is capable of accepting electrical & data cabling requirements.
    • A slender system with continuous silicon butt jointed glass.
    • Available in a range of finishes.

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