Switchable Glass

  • Switchable Glass
    Switchable glass is an LCD laminated glass and its construction is with a PDLC film which is used as an interlayer between two skins of 5mm toughened glass.When the power is turned on, the glass becomes transparent and opaque when turned off.

    Switchable glass  Features :
    • Switchable glass is available in 11mm & 13mm thicknesses.
    • Maximum size: 3600MM X 1200MM.
    • Power transformer complies with AS/NZS 61558.1:2000 & AS/NZS 61558.2.6:2001.
    • Power transformers available from 49 volts to 70 volts.
    • The switchable glass can be installed in Aluminium or Pressed metal frames.
    • Switchable glass can  be remote operated.
    • Switchable glass can be silicon butt jointed.
    • Switchable glass can be installed in the OPS Series 501 ICU sliding door suite.
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