ICU Manual Sliding Door System

  • The ICU Manual Sliding Door System, is a standard, sliding door system, available in single, biparting & telescoping designs.

    ICU Manual Sliding Door System Features:

    • 118mm x 45mm vertical stiles.
    • 111mm top & bottom rails with clip out beads.
    • 123mm Transom crash rails.
    • Suitable for glass thicknesses of 6.38mm up to 13mm.
    • Manufactured with torsion/clamping fixtures (no visible fixings).
    • "Schegal" brush seals housed within the aluminium sections.
    • Recessed pull handles / D pull handles as required.
    • Aluminium sections designed to facilitate sanitization.
    • Sliding door system will accommodate switchable glass & wiring as required.
    • Sliding door system will accommodate IGU units with integrated blinds (Recommended with tilt only operation).
    • ICU sliding door suite is compatible with Dorma Automatic operators.
    • Recommended maximum door height of 3000mm.
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