• Euphoria 122 is a front glazed partition suite characterised by its sleekness and exudes corporate image.

    Euphoria 122 Features:

    • Suites a wall thickness of 122mm.
    • Can take up to 90mm insulation with the desired density.
    • A front glazed system with a glazing pocket inset just 3mm from the leading edge. 
    • A 122 x 50mm snap-in adaptor completes the door jamb.
    • Can accept a door thickness up to 44mm.
    • Combines a 50mm U channel top & bottom to suit the 50mm vertical section.
    • A three way aluminium vertical section designed to replace silicon butt jointed junctions between dividing partitions & office fronts.
    • The three way section measures 122mm x 25mm incorporating two 50mm x 25mm channels either side.
    Flexibility Of Varying Wall Thicknesses:
    You can specify the following with the 122mm section:
    • 76mm stud with 2 x 13mm plasterboard to either side of wall, or
    • 92mm stud with 1 x 16mm plasterboard  either side of wall, or
    • 2 x 51mm stud with 1 x 13mm plasterboard either side of wall, or
    • 64mm stud with 2 x 13mm plasterboard either side of wall, or
    • 64mm stud with 2 x 16mm fire rated plasterboard to both sides of wall

    Acoustic Performance of Glass:
    • 6.38mm laminated glass RW rating 33
    • 10.38mm laminated glass RW rating 36
    • 12.38mm laminated glass RW rating 37
    • 10.50mm "V Hush" laminated glass RW rating 39
    • 12.50mm "V Hush" laminated glass RW rating 40
    (The above acoustic ratings may vary depending on your working environment)

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euphoria 122